Where to Find Coupons – Sunday Paper Inserts

Coupons are everywhere – you just need to know where to look for them. I remember when I was little the Sunday paper was the only resource for coupons but with the internet, the resources seem endless!

Our “Where to Find Coupons” series will cover all these resources for you to find the coupons you need for your shopping.

In general, you want at least 5 copies of each Sunday paper insert (or coupon). I have heard several “rules of thumb” suggestions – one being 5 being the magic number and another is 1 insert per family member + 1 insert. Personally, I used to get 10 inserts each week for my shopping, 5 to use for my family and 5 to use for items to donate to one of our local charities.

where can you find your redplum coupon bookTypically, this is what you will find in your paper (REMEMBER – This varies from region to region):

  • Each Sunday (except for holiday weekends) there are 2 coupon inserts: SmartSource and Redplum (Check here to see if RedPlum is delivered to your address – if not, then you can request it by mail.)
  • One the 1st Sunday of each month, there should be a Proctor & Gamble insert
  • On occasionally, there may be inserts from other manufacturers such as General Mills, Kellogg’s, etc.

There are several ways to obtain Sunday paper inserts and below are a few suggestions:

  • Networking: Ask friends, family, coworkers and neighbors who do not use coupons to save them for you (and if they do coupon, ask for the expired coupons to send overseas to our military!)
  • Recycling Centers: Ask permission to get the extra Sunday papers. Most recycling centers will not have the coupon inserts because they are not supposed to be recycled. (That’s another article)  J
  • Coupon Clipping Services: Buy whole inserts or just the coupons you need – some services offer you the ability to buy coupons bulk for a discounted price (20 at a time – great for items you want to buy in bulk to stockpile and / or donate)
  • eBay: Buy whole inserts or just the coupons you need. Each seller is allowed to sell 5 whole inserts per auction – check to see if they have other auctions running so you can combine shipping if you need more than 5 whole inserts
  • Forums: This is mostly for specific coupons but there are folks who have lots that they don’t need and will trade or sell you their coupons

Sunday Paper vs Purchasing Online Random Thoughts

  • Most newspapers restrict the number of papers you can have delivered to your home (it’s 5 where I live)
  • If you have 5 newspapers delivered each Sunday — that’s a lot of unwanted newspaper
  • You have to dig through each newspaper to find the inserts (and sometimes a paper might have been missed)
  • Newspaper subscriptions can be pricey vs buying 5 inserts from eBay for a few bucks
  • Buying online either whole or clipped simplifies your time and paper waste
  • If you buy them clipped you save even more time – just open your envelope and insert into your binder
  • If you buy online, not all coupons may be available


  1. Keith says

    You can also find in the newspapers, on the products itself, and also online.


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