TLC Extreme Couponing – October 19

how to organize grocery stockpile

This is my stockpile for mixes --- this will probably last us 4-6 months.

I was rather pleased tonight with TLC’s Etreme Couponing show. Past shows have me rolling my eyes but this one I said “YEAH TLC, you did it right!”

Perry, a vegan, lives in Springfield, VA and shopped at her local Kroger. It was a great to see someone buying “healthy items” that contradicts the coupon myth that you can only buy junk food with coupons. My husband is a vegetarian and my kids eat only chicken and turkey. My 17 year old son is a

triathlete and consumes a lot of calories —- healthy calories. So, I too am always looking for great deals on items for the family and guess what… I save a ton of

money shopping for the family. Our stockpile doesn’t include bottles of mustard, hot sauce and Ramen noodles. Nope, ours consist of items that typically don’t go on sale that I had a rare coupon for or used overage to buy. I know I can get those items on sale most of the time and buy items that are “rarer finds such as:

  • how to organize grocery stockpile

    Our vinegar and oil stockpile. Yes, we have about 6 hot sauces for wings. When they are gone I will replenish our stockpile. (And no, I am not hiding 44 bottles from you.)

    Oils – olive, sesame, etc.

  • Vinegars – name one, I bet we have a bottle or two
  • Coconut milk – we love Thai and Indian dishes
  • Spices – mmmm, I think we have every spice known to man kind and then a few spare
  • Chipotles – yep, a staple in our home. Chipotles goes in A LOT of our dishes – butter, baked beans… you name it, we’ll try it with chipotles!
  • Rice – Jasmine, Aborio, brown, etc.
  • Dried beans – pinto, black, split peas, lentils (all types), and more
how to organize grocery stockpile

OK, ** BUSTED ** - I have cereal in my stockpile. This will last us about 6 months. I LOVE cereal to eat anytime during the day. Anything over this amount in my stash gets stashed over in the charity bins.

And our normal sale items that I do stockpile because we consume a lot of:

  • Pasta – yep, guilty…
  • Cereal – yep, guilty…
  • Dog and cat food – we have “a few pets”
  • Brownie mixes – guilty pleasure

And then there was Melissa who bought items to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. Love it! I think it is absolutely wonderful that she spent her time to collect and plan a shopping trip to help others. We try to do this as much as possible. Whenever there is a great coupon out there I will obtain multiples to benefit from and donate items in bulk.

Way to go TLC – two great segments. Now how about a “this is how I do it” rather than “this is what you can do” special show?


  1. Dave says

    My issue with TLC’s Extreme Couponing:
    Perry’s “local” Kroger store is at least 80 miles away – There is no Kroger Grocery Store anywhere near Springfield VA. The stores in Northern Virginia (which includes Springfield) restrict couponing so “Extreme Couponing” does not exist anywhere in the Northern Virginia area.

    • says

      I used to live in Manassas and there were a few closer to DC (or there used to be). One thing that people don’t realize is most of the normal grocery stores won’t allow taping in them (you’ll probably never see a Wal-Mart, Target, etc.) and they allow double coupons for the show only as a promo.

      You can extreme coupon anywhere. I do in Las Vegas and we don’t have double coupons (which I wrote an article about here – Double coupon stores are typically higher so your average is actually lower across the board for savings unless you buy coupon items only and don’t buy produce, meats, etc.

      • says

        There is one in Alexandria, VA which is less than 10 miles away

        • Jeanan says

          What is the store in Alexandria called? There is no Kroger there….

        • carolkil says

          Where in Alexandria? I live in Falls Church and would LOVE to shop at Krogers!
          When I get on the Kroger website, it only shows Midlothian and farther south.

          • says

            When I looked the other day one appeared (or so I thought) and when I went back I see it was one of their affiliate stores. These shoppers do travel to film the show. There is only 1 grocery store in town that will allow filming of the show here in Vegas. That is part of the reason these guys don’t shop their back yard.

  2. Joey D. says

    I thought last night’s show was better than some in the past. I see TLC now has the “check your local store policy” disclaimer now, which is new.

    Thanks for all your assistance in helping us understanding myth and reality, how to shave dollars off our shopping trips, get the freebies, etc. And, I love your idea of taking the money we saved and set it aside for a rainy day. Our account is really starting to rack up some dough. WOW.

    • says

      Thanks Joey – if you think you are still not saving enough (lol) let me know and I will look at your transaction spreadsheets, etc. to see where you could have saved more. It’s a learning process and you are doing great!

  3. amber says

    i live in midlothian,va and i save coupons but don’t now how to use them.
    to get them free or almost free can some one help me out. thnks

    • says

      Would love to help you get started. Let’s chat over the phone next week. I will be having “webinars” soon and you can sit in one of those too.

      • Sarah says


        I would love to learn more about couponing. My husband and I both work in the DC area and are hoping to start a family in the next year. When that happens I’ll be a stay at home mom hopefully until our kids are all in school, so I’m trying to get a headstart on understanding/implementing couponing.


        • says

          I would start with price matching. I find that Wal-Mart is the easiest to do. Since you live in a great area for diverse stores (I used to live in NoVA) you should be able to price match produce and other items. Start with this and start gathering coupons from your Sunday insert, Facebook (follow your favorite brands), check our coupon database, etc. Slowly add the coupons to your savings. Most people start out of the gate wanting to “extreme coupon” and get frustrated. It doesn’t work like it does on TV. But, I save 50% at Wal-Mart average and about 90+% at drug stores average. I will be having a webinar next week for newbies and you can watch, learn and ask questions. Start small and grow – my best advice. AND, know your store policies.

    • says

      I taped the TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars but didn’t get a chance to watch it. Hopefully I will will have time to sit down today and watch.

      Are you in the show this time around?


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