The Good, Bad & Ugly of Using Coupons

how to couponWhen I lived overseas there was an expression I often heard coined “the ugly American.” The Encarta dictionary defines Ugly American” as: stereotypical offensive American: a loud, boorish, nationalistic American, especially one traveling abroad, who is regarded as conforming to a stereotype that gives Americans a bad reputation.

Well, the other day I ran into an “Ugly Couponer!” I have heard of them but never seen one in person. I was out in the field (Wal-Mart) and stopped by to see if an item had been restocked.

Lo and behold I see a cart full of little items stacked high in the cart near the item I wanted. A few of the items in the cart were Sensodyne trial toothpaste, Benadryl sticks, Ben-Gay, Rayovac batteries…. should I go on?

I realized the owner was hitting the latest deals. I went down the aisle because the woman was in front of an item I wanted. What did I see? She literally was clearing the shelves of an item by sticking her arm behind the products and pushing them into her cart like she was on one of those TV game shows “aggressively fill your cart in 60 second and it’s free.”

WOW – Really!!! I stepped closer to her, said excuse me and picked up two items that she was clearing. I couldn’t believe it but she actually stepped closer to the items almost in an attempt to maybe block me???

Out of curiosity I went to the “deal” items and just looked around and sure enough, all the items were cleared (and probably in her cart!).

Is this one of the reasons why couponing has such a negative stigma?


  1. betty says

    we wanted the keri lotion and someone went to walmart and got everyone.. plus the night before the advertisements come out they go at midnight or hide the items.


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