Smart and Final Weekly Ad + Coupon Match Up

Smart and Final Weekly Ad Coupon Match Up Jan 11

smart and final weekly ad

This Smart and Final weekly ad match up was brought to you by Melissa at Living a Frugal Life – thanks Melissa!
Smart and Final weekly ad match to current coupons (using the weekly ad for Las Vegas, NV) for the week of January 11 – 17, 2012. If you see any errors or omissions, please contact us to make adjustments to our database.

  • The price listed is the sales price BEFORE the coupon(s) have been added to the total
  • The final sales price is determined by your ecoupons, manufacturer coupons and their additional amounts discounted
  • Prices below are from the Smart and Final weekly ad and their website
  • Refer to the store ad for final pricing
  • There are other items on sale and they may not listed since they do not have a current coupon associated with them
  • Prices and sales may vary from region to region
  • Be sure to match the proper coupon to the item that is on sale – specific varieties listed on coupon may not be eligible for items on sale
  • Use our coupon database to find other coupons for additional savings for items not listed below
  • Know the Smart and Final coupon policy (better yet, keep it in your binder) for reference if needed
  • Want to volunteer to help match the Smart and Final weekly ad to the coupons to share with other? Let us know – we appreciate any help you can offer!
  • Did you see an unadvertised Smart and Final special? Please drop us a line so we can share with others.
  • Did you have a successful day of shopping? Share your success stories of how you used Smart and Final weekly sale, coupons and register rewards for optimum savings.
  • Want to shop at one store? Try price matching at Wal-Mart

Smart and Final Weekly Ad Coupon Match Up Jan 11



Smart and Final Weekly Ad Coupon Match Up Jan 11


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  Most deals are time sensitive and pricing may change after the deal is posted. If you find that there is a price difference than what we have posted and what you are currently viewing, this means the deal has expired.


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