Recipes With Avocado

I love when avocados are on sale for $.10 each because I will price match at Walmart and stock up my kitchen. Whether it is eating the avocado by itself, Bob making one of his wonderful guacamole recipes, or adding to a dish to compliment — we love avocados!

Below are a few recipes with avocado that I rounded up to share with you to consider when we see those rock bottom prices.

avocado and egg recipes

Avocado and Egg

fish and avocado

Fish and Avocado {and Seafood too!}


Salad with Avocado

Avocado Grilled Cheese

Pasta with Avocado

Avocado Desserts

Other Avocado Recipes




  1. says

    Hi, Billie! I am absolutely loving this round-up! I adore avocados, but just can’t tell you how jealous I am that you can EVER find them for $.10 each! Are you kidding!?!? Yeah – that doesn’t happen here in Ohio! So many fabulous recipes I can’t wait to check out, though! Really excited that our No-Cook Fresh Corn, Tomato and Avocado Salad is featured among them! It’s just the easiest, fastest, simplest recipe – yet so amazingly flavorful! Hope you and your readers love it as much as we do! 😀

    • says

      thanks for stopping by! I LOVE LOVE <3 <3 them and this article is absolutely self serving!

  2. says

    Lots of great things to try here–thanks for including my recipe!

  3. pcothran says

    .10 each? Did I miss something??

    • says

      LOL – when they are $.10 I buy a bunch – they were recently


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