Price Match Sheet

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National – Las Vegas – Henderson Price Match


wal mart price match

Click on the link for our price match sheet. This is our new format and if you encounter any bugs, please let us know immediately. Also, please contact us if you find a type-o or omission. (Please remember we are hand entering everything.)

The price match sheet can be used on a national level for the following stores but please keep in mind that there are ad variations with brands and items from region to region. (Nevada and California have alcohol on the last page normally.)

price match sheet


  1. Albertson’s Weekly Ad (Wed – Tue) [SW ad]
  2. Dollar General Weekly Ad (Wed – Tue)
  3. Family Dollar Weekly Ad
  4. Food 4 Less Weekly Ad (Wed – Tue)
  5. K-Mart Weekly Ad
  6. Smart & Final Weekly Ad (Wed – Tue) [SW ad]
  7. Smith’s Weekly Ad (Wed – Tue) [SW ad]
  8. Von’s Weekly Ad (Wed – Tue) [SW ad]
  9. CVS Weekly Ad (Sun – Sat)
  10. Walgreen’s Weekly Ad (Sun – Sat)
  11. Target Weekly Ad (Sun – Sat)


We are assuming that Wal-Mart has the lowest price and the items listed are the current advertised prices that MAY BE lower. (I use Wal-Mart to price match instead of chasing deals at each store — and, they are the easiest for me to use. Sorry Target – you know I love you but Wal-Mart is just, well…. price match friendlier!)


These are the stores that are local to the Las Vegas area  used for price matching and their sale cycle:

  1. Marketon Weekly Ad (Tue – Mon)
  2. Marianas Weekly Ad (Tue – Mon)
  3. Buy Low Weekly Ad (Wed – Tue)
  4. El Super Weekly Ad (Wed – Tue)
  5. Glaziers Weekly Ad (Wed – Tue)
  6. La Bonitas Weekly Ad (Wed – Tue)
  7. Sunflower Market Weekly Ad (Wed – Tue)
  8. Cardenas Weekly Ad (Thu – Wed)
  9. 99 Ranch Weekly Ad (Fri – Thu)


I always enter the produce and meats into the database and then other items I feel are a “price match” deal [some items even on sale are higher than our baseline, which is Wal-Mart). Did we miss something you think is a good buy? Please drop us a note and let us know.



  • Be sure to check the coupon database for the most recent coupons available.
  • Know your store’s price match policy
  • Weekly ad “trumps” our price match sheet for final price.
  • If you find a error, please contact us immediately (we are human) :-)


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  1. Tina Balicki says

    It was amazing watching in Walmart this morning. Thank you for giving your website. This made my day today.
    Tina Balicki

  2. Bb51807 says

    Are you still doing this?

  3. Anonymous says

    Yes – our price match sheet is current. If you see an item we missed, please let us know.


  4. pcothran says

    El Super has the best price starting tomorrow on avocados. They’re .17 ea.

  5. pcothran says

    I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for the price match sheet! Every week I spend alot of time online checking the Mexican ads and the other grocery store ads. I just discovered that you do all the work for us. What a great timesaver this is!!!!

    At first, I thought it was hard to find the items I was looking for…but then discovered I could hit the down arrow in the “item” column and everything was alphabetized. All I can say is OH WOW!!! Thanks again so much for all the time you put into this!!!

    • says

      Yes. And we are redoing it to include the stockpile prices and more options so stay tuned for that. Glad you enjoy it!.

  6. pcothran says

    Smith’s has these great deals starting Wed.:
    Kroger cheese, select varieties, 6-8 oz., $1.67
    Kroger butter 16 oz., $1.67
    Kroger sour cream or dip 16 oz., $1 ea
    Philadelphia cream cheese, $1

    • pcothran says

      ooops…can’t price match the Kroger brand at Walmart (sorry about that). But we can the Philadelphia cream cheese.

  7. pcothran says

    Is your coupon database from the inserts we get from the RJ?

    • says

      It’s a national coupon database. If you find Q’s that are not in there, please report them for others to use too. it’s a collaboration project. THANKS!

  8. betty helms says

    thank you for helping me save $$$$$

  9. Ruth says

    I noticed several things on sale at Cardenas that were not mentioned and that were cheaper than other stores (i.e. tomatoes 4 lbs for 99 cents, red seedless grapes 77 cents/lb)

    • says

      Thanks — last week I didn’t get the ads and I make more mistakes when working online. Love my permanent marker and an ad in hand.

  10. Jason says

    So I tried price matching at walmart yesterday. The checker would not ring up any meat. She said that because the ad said “93% ground beef for 340/lb” did not specify a brand on it that she would not let me price match ANY brand of meat. She also made me put away pork chops, chuck roasts and some chicken. I had the same problem with produce….she said that since the romain, red and green leaf lettuce was in a bag that the ad had to say “per bag” not “each” or “per head” and that the name had to be the same. Has anybody else run into this? Are some walmarts better than others to go to? I am pretty confused now.

    • Jason says

      oH – I should add that she claimed all walmart meat was generic if there was no brand listed on the package and informed me that they do not price match generic products. so…you ever have this happen?

      • says

        Nope. I always price match my meat. Sorry to hear and try again. Don’t give up. It’s worth it

    • says

      They normally let you price match

      Fresh to fresh
      Fsmily size
      85 / 15 three pounds
      Don’t pick up foster farms and try to price match to a generic price

      USDA meat to USDA meat

      Are you local to Vegas?

  11. Nicole says

    I went into my local Walmarts last week and they told me they will only price match stores within 5 miles of the store..well unfortunately the mexican stores that have all the great deals are not within the 5 mile limit they set…I checked around and found all the Walmarts but one have started doing this…so now I started to do all my shopping there..just crossing my fingers this one stays the way it is.

    • says

      They are wrong. Call corporate to report. Some people make their own rules and they need a nudge from corporate to remind them that the customer is right.

      • Nicole says

        I will call them tomorrow…but looking on line I did find this among their price match policy..

        We do not honor:
        Competitor ads from outside of the store’s local trade territory


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  Most deals are time sensitive and pricing may change after the deal is posted. If you find that there is a price difference than what we have posted and what you are currently viewing, this means the deal has expired.


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