How to Save on Meat | Grocery Shopping Strategies

how to save on meat

How to Save on Meat

So many people ask me for tips on how to save on meat. For those of you who read Frugal Ferret more than than to print a great coupon, you know that I am the only “meat eater” in the family.

Eating meat is expensive (so is that dang vegetarian food too) so when I buy it, I want to make sure I am getting the best price I can.

how to save on meat

Photo above – paid $16.27 out of pocket and
it was originally $25.04 for a savings of  $8.77


How to Save on Meat

Here are some of my money saving tips for when buying meat at the grocery store:

  1. Ask your butcher when / how they mark down their meat. My Walmart scans the meat each morning marking down packages that will be expiring within a day or two. So, arrive early in the morning to catch the best deals. Great for freezing or cooking and then freezing (we do that with chicken fajitas – easy to defrost and make a quick dinner).
  2. Look for meat coupons — yes, they exist! (Read about how much I saved using meat coupons.) I found $3 meat when I bought a bottle of wine. Red wine is a great place to find those “wine tags” for your meat purchase.
  3. Watch BOGO sales {our local stores do these often} as the meat is normally twice the price. Once you get your free package of meat, is it cheaper than other store’s everyday price?
  4. Check our coupon database for meat coupons, to include lunch meat, bacon, franks, etc.
  5. Use the price match sheet to see if you can use a competitor’s ad at Walmart. NOTE: Meat will need to be generic brand to generic brand or name brand to name brand. Meat can be confusing to price match but it can be done.

how to save money on groceries

So today I went to Target to get the free paper towels (using Target store coupon) and of course they were gone. So I strolled through the meat department and found this roast on sale. Regular $13.02 and it was marked down to $8.67 AND it had another mark down of $2 AND I used my Target RedCard and I paid $6.34 for a 51% savings!

how to save money on groceries

What tips do you have to share with others on how to save on meat at the grocery store?


  1. cynthia says

    So to price match the meat from smiths I have to buy walmarts brand?


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