How to Extreme Coupon in Las Vegas — Planning Ahead

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How to Extreme Coupon in Las Vegas


By now I am sure you have seen the show on TLC, Extreme Couponing. Of course one of the biggest questions is “where did they get all those coupons?” but did you ask yourself “how do they know when to use them?” Here are the beginning steps on how to prepare for future shopping:

  1. tlc extreme couponingBuy multiple Sunday paper inserts – the Las Vegas Review Journal has a special for couponers where they can buy multiple subscriptions for home delivery. This by far is the cheapest way to get the Sunday paper inserts.
  2. Watch our website and check the coupon database to find coupons to add to your savings arsenal. By doing #1 and #2 you will have the coupons you need for when the big day comes.
  3. Again, watch our website. We will clue you in on upcoming deals – sometimes up to 3-4 weeks in advance! When you know the deals are coming down the pipe, you can start watching for coupons that will work with the deals and save them for that particular shopping day.
  4. Is there something that will be on sale in a few weeks that you really would like to have multiples of? You can obtain additional manufacturer coupons through auction sites and coupon clipping services. NOTE: Make sure that you are getting your money’s worth – sometimes when a coupon has been identified by those who use the “extreme couponing” method as “hot” the price goes up and it might not be worth the purchase.
  5. Again, watch our website (see a recurring theme here?). We will match everything up for you and suggest different shopping scenarios to get you the bottom dollar for the items you want.
  6. Do you have questions? ASK!!! We will answer your questions and help you plan your shopping trip. I have met people at coffee shops, restaurants, etc. to review their upcoming shopping trips and show them how to maximize their savings.


Bottom line: Collect your coupons and wait for the deals. We will show you everything you need to save you the time of trying to figure out the deals. Saving money should not be time consuming or frustrating. If you feel it is, please contact us and we will help you get on the right track.


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  1. Stephen Edens says

    Hi, I would really like to start extreme couponing. I watched the show on TLC and then later that day had to go to the store to pick up 5 items and it made me sick. What I paid I saw someone pay less than that for over $1800.00 worth of items. I want to do this and any help you can give would be great to get me started.


    • says

      Hello Stephen — while the show overdramatizes results it can be done on a smaller scale {most of the stores waive their rules for the show}

      Which city / state do you live?

      • Christol Summerlin says

        Hi I live in las vegas and I would love to start saving however I heard its hard here in Vegas. Is there places that double or triple here. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

        • says

          I just invited you to our local group who are AMAZING shoppers.

  2. Alyssa says

    Hi i would love to learn how to coupon here in Las Vegas. Do you know of any classes or groups ?


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