Extreme Couponing – Angelique at Kmart (May 28)

TLC Extreme Couponing

tlc extreme couponing

TLC Extreme Couponing


TLC Extreme Couponing episode overview: Ohio high school senior Cole clips coupons in class. He enlists his ex-girlfriend to help on a vital shopping trip, but her antics in the store imperil his haul. In Washington state, pregnant couponer Angelique must restock her shelves before going on break. 


Love it or hate it, Extreme Couponing was on last night and here’s my commentary for each segment of the show.


Angelique (who is having “her roughest pregnancy”) and her husband shop at Kmart in Seattle. She wants to restock her stockpile before the baby comes. She shops at Kmart to use her “shop your way points,” coupons and double coupons to make her transactions as low as possible (all 23 of them!).


Items of note:

  • In the store for 10 hours when she should be in bed!
  • Complains her feet hurt yet she wore knee high boots.
  • Had over 20 transactions – YIKES! But hey, this is not normally and it was done for the show.
  • Kmart obviously bent their double coupon policy for this show – this is not an everyday shopping experience
  • Someone on our local couponing Facebok board said they read that the Doritos coupon might be a fraud — mmm…. you think folks would learn but I will research and report back after I see what I can find.
Her shopping trip
  • 31 bags of chips
  • 32 beverages
  • 768 rolls toilet paper
  • Bought $1,346.07 worth of retail and spent $.56 out of pocket


Want to start “extreme couponing” for your family? Start with below:

  • Coupon Database: Find the coupons you need in a pinch here — peelies, hangtags, inserts and printable coupons — they are all here!
  • Price Match Sheet: Use this tool to price match at Wal-Mart or Target so you don’t have to “chase the deals”
  • Discounted Sunday Newspaper Subscriptions: Want multiple inserts for a great price? Check here to get yours started today.



TLC Extreme Couponing



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