DIY Shoe Rack

DIY Shoe Rack

Those who know me well know I love shoes! Shoes fit the one part of my body that rarely changes sizes so I don’t have to store them in like I do my clothes that don’t fit aka “size 6 box” and think about the good ole days.

For a woman who used to work in an office I don’t think I have a lot of shoes but my husband might argue that point.

The hard part of having them is the storage of them and I have FAILED in that part. I threw away most of the boxes that came with them {big mistake} and now am left with a disorganized mess.

In my attempt to reorganize my crazy closet, I got the idea that TODAY is THE DAY that I was going to do something about it.

Since my “dream closet” probably won’t happen by using California Closets or the Container Store, I will create a few DIY projects to get the stuff off my floor and organized so I am not digging for shoes. I checked online for shoe organizers and none really fit what I wanted.

Embarrassingly, below is my BEFORE photo {don’t judge please}. :-)

diy shoe rack

So off to Lowes I went with an idea in mind to see what I could find. I was thinking of getting some type of moulding and cutting into pieces but I didn’t like anything I found so I settled on a “corner” slat of wood. {I was also thinking about gluing or nailing 2 pieces of wood together to make this but SCORE, no nails or glue with this type.}

The guy at Lowes cut my long slat into the length I needed for my closet. Depending on the shoe, I should be able to get 3 – 4 pairs per “shelf” I am making.

diy shoe rack

Below you will see my flip flop and sock holder area, which will go bye bye and this space will be used for my new DIY shoe racks!

diy shoe rack

Here is the first set of the DIY shoe racks! I didn’t realize how many slats I would need so I had to make another trip to get another slat to add to my wall of shoes.

diy shoe rack

There we go! It was super easy to do this and it gets all my shoes off the floor and not hidden under my clothes. Here is how I did it:

  1. Measured the area I wanted to slats to be placed.
  2. Went to my local hardware store {aka Lowes} and bought a corner slat and had them cut it down to the sizes I needed for the wall.
  3. Painted white so I didn’t have to see the unfinished looked {whoops, my walls are not white!}
  4. Tacked the wall after leveling.

That’s it! The hardest part was finding shoes that matched from the pile! Or maybe it was how to organize them —- by color, heel size or ….

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DIY Shoe Rack


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