Coupon Box – My Favorite Way to Organize Coupons

coupon box

Coupon Box

I wish I had a dollar for each time someone asked me if I use a coupon box or a coupon binder — then I wouldn’t need to coupon! (Okay, who am I kidding, I will always use coupons no matter how much money I have!) After trying EVERY method out there, I love my coupon box and here is why!

  1. It fits nicely in the cart (I don’t have kids that need that room)
  2. I can see everything at a glance (and don’t have to wrestle with a heavy coupon binder)
  3. I can slip it into a bag to carry it into the store (and not need to go to a chiropractor after lugging my heavy binder into the store)
  4. Adding a new category is EASY (no getting my fingers pinched like I used to when adding new plastic sheets)
  5. No torn baseball sheets (which I would do a fit of frustration trying to get coupons either IN or OUT of those tiny squares)

How I made mine:

  1. $1 plastic shoe box with a lid from Walmart
  2. File folders cut down to fit the box
  3. Plastic tabs that I got on sale during the “back to school sale” (check our coupon database as I had a high value coupon for mine)

New couponers are always trying to figure out which coupon binder categories to create and a good reference guide. My advice… create your coupon binder categories as you mentally shop. Is ice cream “frozen” or “dairy?” Will you be using one category a lot such as “dental?” – if so, then you might want to separate “dental” into “toothpaste,” “dental floss,” “toothbrushes,” etc.

If you use the coupon box method why do you like it over the other methods? Share your opinions below to help others decide why it may (or may not) be the best choice for them.

Coupon Box


  1. Mary L says

    After seeing yours the other night and you explaining how you cut out just the coupons that you will use ,I’m going to give this a try ! Thanks Billie :D


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